22 June 2010


Welcome to the crazy world of my blog. Population: my thoughts. Most of them are pretty bizarre; hence the title. Being a science fiction/fantasy writer will do that to you. That and attempting to revise your writing. Ugh. If that doesn't get you committed at some point in your life, I don't what will.
I've written three novel manuscripts and am revising two of them. One is science fiction, the other is something resembling a mystery (suffice to say it's not my best work).
Which reminds me... I should really get back to revising that mystery. I've been trying to revise it for over a year now. I know it's supposed to take a long time and therefore I shouldn't be complaining; but the real reason it's been a year is because I keep procrastinating, not because I'm doing that much actual revising. I spend all my free time whipping up new rough drafts instead of editing previously written ones. Sad but true.

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