28 June 2010

Decisions, decisions...

I am (tentatively) planning to write that novel-in-a-month in August. And then, of course, I'll do another one in November; the official National Novel Writing Month.
And now to decide which idea I'd like to bring to life.
There's always the sequel to last November's novel; but I also have a kidnapping story, a fantasy, a science fiction story, and a sort of 'supernatural thriller' in my head, among others. At least I have a month to decide, although last November, following months of time available for planning, I decided which story I would write literally two days before I had to start writing it.
Then of course, promptly went nearly mad trying to keep myself from starting it before 1 November.
Such is the life of a writer... Mad unstoppable writing sprints followed by several months in which only ten sentences are written.

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