15 February 2017

The Weight of the World on a Living Heart

5 February 2017, 1.27pm.

The world sucks.

That may seem pessimistic, but from a relational standpoint, it's true. (I'm leaving aside for the moment the 'we're moving in the right direction/working for a better future' argument. That may be true, but for this post I'm focusing on the here and now.)

How common is this view, generally, I wonder? Take the aforementioned hope-for-the-future argument out of the equation for a moment and think about how you feel about the world as it stands right now. How good is it right now, at this moment?

As for me, I feel this so intensely that often my heart physically feels heavy under the weight of all the sadness and pain and loneliness in this world -- even just in North America or even in the building I live in. I don't personally know even a fraction of how much pain lives here, but I feel it, sometimes to the point where I physically cannot stand under the weight of it.

Am I the only one?

Does anyone else feel this collective groaning of humanity? Does anyone else carry the pain of many in one tiny helpless heart?

Or do I get to be the special one -- again?

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