25 June 2016

Music Day - Place In This World

Been listening to a lot of Michael W. Smith lately. Something about the '80s angsty stuff is resonating right now, putting into words the feelings that numb my own pen.

This is one of his most recognisable songs of the era. There are many, but this one resonated with an entire generation. I remember reading an interview somewhere once from someone in one of the bigger bands of the late '90s -- I don't remember exactly which one, but it was on the level of Audio Adrenaline or Jars Of Clay -- and this guy said when this song first came out, he would sit in his college dorm room with his headphones on and just play it over and over. He cited this as a defining song for him as a musician.

It was the perfect radio ballad -- keyboard-driven, with just enough power chords to appeal to its intended audience, soulful, searching. MWS has proven himself skilled at walking the fine line between radio-friendly arrangements and rather personal soul-searching.

Title: Place In This World
Artist: Michael W. Smith
Album: Go West Young Man
Year: 1990
Label: Reunion Records
iTunes here; YouTube here.
For novelty's sake, watch Mark Lowry's parody here. This parody, I think, is almost as famous as the original.

These are my own questions right now -- my own feelings. Thank goodness somebody else made something haunting and lovely out of them because if it was up to me right now, it would never get out of my muddled brainpan.

This becoming is harder than it seems...
Among the many, can You still hear me?


Kimberly G. Bowman said...

Just found your blog! Looks great, and of course your music posts are great. I've already spotted some of my favorites. Keep up the good work! And I may have to steal your wonderful idea for a music list for my own blog. :)

Sarah-Kate said...

Hi! Thanks for the visit!
Why am I not surprised you like the music posts? Haha. Feel free to steal and tweak the music day idea as needed -- I feel like the idea isn't originally mine (although I forget where it came from), so go ahead.