27 March 2016

Music Day Part II - Up From The Dead

This gets harder every year. There are actually so few joyful 'He Arose!'-type songs. I have no problem finding stuff about Good Friday, but there is precious little about Easter Sunday (songwriters: take note).

But one of the few singers whose joy simply radiates through his voice is Dana Key, founding member, guitarist, and songwriter for DeGarmo & Key, one of the biggest Christian rock bands (second to Petra and later Stryper) of the '80s. To me this is the song from my childhood that I never actually knew in my childhood. I've just spent fifteen minutes trying to figure out how or why and I can't. I don't know... it just brings me back to that time. Like the Imperials' Holdin' On and Michael W. Smith's All You're Missin' Is A Heartache.

Title: Up From The Dead
Artist: Dana Key
Album: The Journey
Year: 1990
Label: ForeFront Records
iTunes here; YouTube here.

I would love to hear this done with a piano, a string orchestra and a harmony vocal. At the risk of writing the most clichéd statement ever on this blog: the production in this recording is (wonderfully!) dated, but the message is timeless.

Up from the dead
The world has a Saviour
Up from the dead
With power to give...
Jesus lives!

He is risen indeed!

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