05 November 2015

Self-Doubt: The Things I Say

- I'm being a moron.

- This is the same thing I did last time. I'm just rehashing an old idea.

- No-one's going to come see this/want to be a part of this.

- I don't know what I even want to say, never mind how to say it.

- I'm not healthy enough.

- I'm too old. No-one will want me.

- There's no money in this.

- Everyone wants it 'fierce' (at best) or 'erotic' (at worst).

- I can't afford this.

- I'm so physically spent...

- I don't know if this is what God wants.

- I don't know if God can use this.

- Maybe I'm just being a prideful little prick and I'm not actually as good as I think I am.

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