14 August 2015

Music Day - What Then

This is legitimately the best lyric I have ever heard Greg Volz sing.

It's a big-picture look at nearly every human endeavour we set out on. Business, religion, art -- all the things we get so wrapped up in and get so emotionally involved with -- all of them are called to account over the course of this lyric. None of these pursuits are inherently evil, but, as the great Steve Taylor once put it, what is the measure of your success? Am I expecting to swing out into eternity on the quality of my artistic output?

Title: What Then
Artist: Greg X Volz
Album: The Exodus
Year: 1991
Label: River Records
iTunes here; live version on YouTube here (fair warning: dude can sing, but he can't dance).

When the actors have played their last drama
And the mimic has made his last fall...
When the crowds seeking pleasure have all vanished
And have gone out in the darkness again...
What then?

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