24 January 2014

Music Day - The Ladder

I've been a fan of this man's work for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories involve listening to his Learning To Trust CD at age three. I had the thing memorised by the time I was five years old.

Somewhere around age ten (I'm not exactly sure), I found out that my dad owned a bunch of his record albums. At first I was shocked to find out there was more to this guy's career than Learning To Trust and Once In A Lifetime, but gave a couple of the albums a try.

7 particularly captured my attention. So much so that I listened to that record nearly every single day for about three years, and it has yet to get old. I'm not sure what it is about his work, but it is seriously impossible to overplay his stuff. When his album There I Go Again came out in 2002, I listened to that one multiple times a day, every day, for three years. I never got tired of it. I'm still not tired of it.

And not only does it not get old, there's still stuff to discover. Back in December 2012, when I was choreographing Early In The Morning (from Once In A Lifetime), I was already working on the ending -- the last chorus and the fadeout -- when suddenly I noticed the keyboard track for the first time. It was gorgeous and the song is all the richer for it. But what stunned me was the fact that I thought I knew this song so well. I'd known that song for the better part of twenty years, and I've never caught that keyboard line before.

7 is still a great album as well, and since I felt the need to include more David Meece on the blog (because if I'm not careful this will cease to become a blog and instead become a DA-fangirl page), we are hearing from it today. Plus, we all need more eighties keyboards in our lives anyway.

Title: The Ladder
Artist: David Meece
Album: 7
Year: 1985
Label: Myrrh
iTunes here; YouTube here.

I love the whole album. It's solid, from start to finish (the professional music critics will dispute that statement because of The Alien, but I've always had a soft spot for the synthetically eerie feel of that song). However, among all the wonderful eighties synth-pop on that album, all the songs from here that have been 'one of my favourites' at some point or another, this one has become the most consistent favourite. This is the song I keep singing in my head even after Side Two has finished. This is the song that pops into my head when I see the album cover. This is one of the prettiest on the album (aside from the closing track, which is admittedly more timeless).

It's a lovely song, gentle yet catchy. It's not slow, but it doesn't assault you with loud and crazy things. It's a really nice relaxing song. David Meece is so well-known for his perfect blend of classical, rock, and contemporary music that it's easy to lose sight of the fact that he's also a pretty darn good singer.

Watching the heavens at evening
Watching the day that is leaving the sky to the stars
How it shines...

Dude just summed up this post in four lines.

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