24 December 2013

(Belated) Music Day - The Birth

We are now delving deep into the darker recesses of my music library -- my guilty pleasures, if you will. (Actually, I just rediscovered this song this past summer and then forgot about it again till the other day.)

This is a moment in history on this blog -- I am actually featuring an artist commonly known as 'country.' (Daniel Amos doesn't count because they came to their senses, burnt the cowboy hats, and became awesome.)

I wouldn't say this is a country song, though... I would classify it as rock (though I'm not, shall we say, an expert on the difference between music genres). I didn't actually know this was a country artist (this is the only album of his that I know) until my mother pointed it out. I would think it's more of a stretch to call it country than it is to call it rock.

Enough self-justifying.

So how did I know this song existed? Well, the word 'rediscovered' in that first paragraph will probably have tipped off the longtime readers (all two of them)... this is a gem from my dad's music library. Oddly enough, I don't have any specific memories attached to it, but I think before this summer the last time I'd heard this song was when I was four or five.

It is glorious. This is what praising God should be -- a big freaking celebration! Sure, the track starts out very mildly, with Mr Daniels reading a passage of Scripture (Luke 2) in a deep down-home southern twang. Soft. Quiet. Peaceful.

But then the choir bursts on the scene! crying out Hallelujah and it echoes back, several times, then adding Hosanna and it builds... builds into an explosion of joy. The choir filling the air, the bass with its infectious groove, the acoustic guitar sparkling over the top, the electric organ chords rounding out the high rich sound...

Plus, you just know a song is awesome when it has two guitar solos and an organ solo. Party on, man.

Title: The Birth
Artist: Charlie Daniels
Album: The Door
Year: 1994
Label: Sparrow Records
iTunes here; YouTube here.

To get the full effect of this song, do what my dad does: crank it until the walls dance along.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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