24 July 2013

EVEN MORE DA Awesomeness!

And you all thought my White Heart obsession was bad. (Don't worry. The White Heart obsession will return once they release that EP.)

Anyway, for those of you who read my review of Daniel Amos' new album Dig Here Said The Angel who didn't get the advance download (though I wouldn't be surprised if everybody who read it was also a Kickstarter backer), you can now pre-order the album on their website here.

And, if you scroll just a little farther down on that same store page, you can also find another real treat -- the ¡Alarma! album on CD. Oh, but not just that -- two CDs (deluxe remastered ones), plus photos and booklets and bonus tracks and enough goodies to satisfy this Daniel Amos nerd in training for... well, let's give it about a week before I've memorised it. Lyrically, this is a genius album (really though, which one isn't?). Sarcasm at its finest.

I don't have a real ending for this post, so I'm just going to steal a quote from Terry Scott Taylor (from one of the live bootleg shows, I forget which) (EDIT: I finally found it -- it's the Cornerstone 2000 show): "I'm not trying to plug anything. I'm really not... but I am."

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