22 March 2013

Music Day


(You: "What?")

Petra's working on a new single! Apparently it's due out in June (which seems a rather long time for a single, but whatever). Note that this is not Classic Petra, this is Petra (or at least John Schlitt and Bob Hartman -- haven't seen a reference to any of the others yet). Rest assured that I'll be reviewing it here as soon as I hear it.

Dude -- I thought last year was epic. This year it's only March and we've already got a Petra single, a Daniel Amos album and it sounds like another John Schlitt album in the works. And there's still enough time in the year for White Heart to pull something together if they get cracking... (you just knew I would bring that up...)

And with that little tidbit of excitement, on to today's song.

So all I really know of this band are two songs (this one and another track from the same album called I'm Just A Man). I don't know any history, nothing. Only the fact that they're '80s and they can rock.

This is such a great song, musically -- just blasts out of the gate, drums galloping along and then the electric guitar comes rushing in. And then the vocals. Holy cow. This dude can put it out there. Just listen to the power and the desperation in that hold ('I need to see You there...').

I also love the electric-organ/keyboard sound. And the crashing cymbals in the interlude and the winding guitar leading back into the next verse.

Lyrically, it almost reads like a psalm -- like one of David's psalms when he was on the run from King Saul and was getting discouraged and fearful. It's honest without being beaten to death -- well penned and well performed.


Title: Darkest Hour
Artist: Undercover
Album: Branded
Year: 1987
Label: Innocent Media/Intense Millenium (according to iTunes... and we all know how trustworthy they are about this stuff...)
iTunes here; YouTube here.

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