01 May 2012

One More Week!

In case you haven't heard, John Schlitt is putting out a new album.

Yes, the John Schlitt. The Grammy-award-winning former lead singer of Petra (sometimes he still does concerts with them, actually), and, if you go far enough back, former lead singer for a band called Head East. He's released three solo albums since 1995.

That John Schlitt.

And the new album is due to drop on 8 May -- next Tuesday (so excited!).

As such, the two singles from the album have been getting decent rotation on classicchristian247.com -- Hope That Saves The World and Where I Wanna Be.

His Facebook fan page promised a rocker of an album a while back, and if these two songs are any indication -- this is going to be a GOOD album.

Initially I liked Where I Wanna Be most of the two. It's amazing how addicting that echo is in the chorus. The rest of the song is actually rather slow, but that echo in the chorus (if love (love) could set the world on fire (on fire)...) sunk itself deep into my mind, even when I first heard it. It soars into your mind. It feels dramatic and epic.

In Hope That Saves The World -- try to imagine Peter Furler (of Newsboys fame) about twenty years from now. That's what John sounds like here. (At least that's who I thought of.) It's not a bad thing though.
It's a good solid rocker of a song. Whoever played drums here is fantastic (actually the guitar is pretty sweet too, now that I hear it again). This one is definitely growing on me.

You can hear previews of them both on his official website (it starts cycling through the two when the homepage loads, beginning with Hope That Saves The World).

But now I'm in a bit of a spot -- do I order an actual physical CD and wait two weeks for it to get here, or do I jump on iTunes and download cold soulless MP3s and be able to hear the album right away? (I could stop by the Christian bookstore on Tuesday but I can pretty much guarantee they won't have it in... heaven forbid they actually have a new CD the day it drops.)

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