10 April 2012

It's Done!

Those were the words of the hour at 3.13 this morning. I posted it once as my status and I wrote it on a friend's wall as well. Plus, of course, I squealed and danced and jumped around in excitement. In fact, about half an hour ago I just jumped around my room totally randomly and squealed in excitement again.

The Sing Your Freedom choreography is done!

I've written eight novels. Of course, now it's gotten to the point where writing a novel is totally normal and more of a lifestyle than something to celebrate, but even when I finished my first novel draft back in July 2008, I don't remember this. I was definitely excited, make no mistake, but I wasn't this excited.

It was so surreal, too. I was listening to it on YouTube, the closing twenty seconds, over and over and over and over and over... counting beats, visualising movements, notating, erasing, rewriting, marking out measures and formations...

Sometime after 2.50 am (I'm not exactly sure of the time), I listened through the twenty seconds again and counted beats once more because I'd lost my place.

And I realised I had only one measure to go.

All I had to do was get the last four dancers off the stage and it would be DONE! (This was where I started jumping around in my chair and silently squealing in giddy anticipation.)

And at 3.13 am I drew the exit symbol.

My first ever finished piece is complete!

It's interesting that when I logged onto Facebook tonight, the White Heart fan page had posted that today is Rick Florian's birthday. (Lead singer 1986-1997, sang lead on Sing Your Freedom.)

Doesn't that make this so much more epic?


Brittney said...

congratulations! That's so awesome! ^_^

Kate said...

Thanks Brittney! I am SO EXCITED! :-D