03 February 2012

Music Day

Finally finally finally finally finally somebody at the Canadian iTunes Store got with the program and added this album!

This is, no question, this artist's best album so far and quite possibly the best Christian contemporary album ever recorded (according to me). The songs featured here today have been my number one and two favourite songs ever since I discovered the album among my father's collection as a child.

I've listed two songs because they run together so it sounds like one song and in my mind it's impossible to play one without the other. I remember having, at age four, a rather heated argument with my parents that the two were actually one track on the CD.

It was a good year or so before I actually paid attention to the track numbers showing as the 'song' played and found out my parents were right after all.

Titles: Interlude In B Minor and This Time
Artist: David Meece
Album: Learning To Trust
Year: 1989
Label: Star Song Records
iTunes here; YouTube here (this is both songs together).

Also, I have exciting news!

The other day I was poking around the David Meece website and apparently HE IS WORKING ON AN ALL-NEW ALBUM! (Excitement!)

David Meece has been my favourite artist since I was four years old. Unfortunately, he's only released three albums since I was born and one of those was a greatest-hits compilation with just two new recordings. The latest album came in 2002.

Needless to say, an all-new David Meece album is long overdue. If you agree with me, you can donate to his new project here.

And then go buy Learning To Trust, whether from iTunes or from his website.

No backward glance
Now is the time
This is our chance...

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