01 August 2011

The Novel, Day One

Before 3 pm
Progress of plot: What plot? I'm connecting short stories more than advancing a plot.
Words so far: 1,060/1,667 (day) 1,060/50,000 (month)
Things accomplished: I figured out Titus' last name (Kelton). He also has been given a pregnant wife (Sierra). Major Wazhefeyss has been introduced and has asked Titus to participate in this weapon test. Lyle has also been introduced.

3.13 pm
Previous plot scrapped. Synopsis of new plot published to personal Camp NaNoWriMo profile. New folder made, new Pages file opened. Forty-five words so far. Very much anticipating writing this idea.

4.51 pm
342 words in new plot. Keep forgetting MC's name.

8.39 pm
Eating raspberries!

11.34 pm
Finally reached 1,678 words! And just in time to start on tomorrow's quota.
Current music: The Man With The Nail Scars -- David Meece, 1989 (Learning To Trust; Star Song) (The song does not match the mood of the novel at all, but whatever...)

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