08 November 2010


Apparently writer's block carries over into all areas of life.
I have written over 20 000 words in the novel so far, but currently I'm completely stuck... and unfortunately that appears to include this blog.
I've come up with several ideas that might make a good post, but they've all fizzled out as soon as I've tried to write them, unless you'd like to include the slightly stream-of-consciousness ones that have a drugged-up dreamlike quality to them...
So... any topic suggestions any of you might have are completely welcome. This blog is feeling rather neglected...

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Brittney Biotite said...

I've been having the same problem lately! I've got like five drafts in the works that will probably never make it to completion. There's always the short story/poetry option, but I guess you've already thought of that, seeing as you suggested it to me last week lol
What about something about how you came to start writing?